Sales Magicians


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Coaching-The secret of sales magic

Is now in your hands

Sales Leaders

Build and operate productive and high performance sales teams. Become a better sales coach by using a call coaching assistant to help you with coaching.


Sales Professionals

Develop sales intuition and sales skills as you work on the phones. Become better conversationalists by using a personal call coach to help you get your words right.

Sales Enablers

Empower  sales teams to build productivity and performance. Become true enablers of skills that deliver results through on-the-job compounding improvements.


Sales Intuition

Perfect the skill to get sales results


Master the craft to connect with your prospects to book meetings with ease.


Perfect the art of offering your expertise to your prospects in response to their needs.


Master the use of your prospects language to qualify opportunities every single time.


Perfect the art of decoding customers pains, needs, desires and aspirations. 


Master the art of impact and influence to win the trust of the entire customer team.


Perfect the art of the close. Avoid pitfalls and curveballs that can derail closure.

Intuition built through cross functional experts

Connect, influence, persuade and enchant customers in every interaction using cross functional expertise from linguistics, data science, social interaction theorists, sales gurus and enablement practitioners.

Conversation Analysts

Closely observe words, tone, actions, contribution, impact. Use emperical evidence in a conversation to establish cause and effect.

Data Scientists

Build rational measures of conversations and patterns. Leverage principles of mathematics to quantify precision and quality.

Software Engineers

Build enterprise grade software solution. Obsess over the details of technology, efficiency, security and the mechanics to help users build skills.

Sales Gurus

Guide the efforts of conversation analysts, data scientists, software engineers. Inform sales organization, skill, process and tool influence. 

About Us

The SalesPal founding team is endowed with complementary skills and relevent expertise. We are experts in the field of business, technology and sales who share a passion to solve challenges faced by humans in our everyday conversations.
Working in collaboration with conversation analysts from the University of Loughborough and data scientists from the University of Washington, we are successful industry professionals with decades of experience in software, sales and marketing at Microsoft, Amazon, VMware, Intel, Metlife and Dell.

We are fortunate to have a cadre of advisors in the field of linguistics, social interaction theory, natural language processing, data sciences, sales organization design, sales operations, execution and enablement. 

Sales Advisory Board

Experienced sales leaders who have held positions like GM of Inside Sales, Senior Director of Inside Sales, Sales Managers, Inside Sales Reps, Sales Development Reps, BDR's, Account Executives and Sales Enablement Managers. Trusted industry advisors provide insights on the market and users.

Domain Advisory Board

Domain experts in the field of Linguistics, Social Interaction Theory, Semantics, Pragmatics, Sociology, Computational Linguistics, Communication and Media studies, Statistics and Artificial Intelligence. This panel of advisors are our compass guiding the direction for our technologies.

Limited Beta Program

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